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Custom Book Covers & Illustrations

Are you planning on self publishing your novel or children's book? I can help you create the book cover for your novel or illustrations for your childrens book. I also create character design, logos, game illustrations and posters. I can either use your detailed instructions on how you want your images or cover to look, or I can come up with the ideas based on your story line. I can draw either realistic style or cartoon style images. Genres include fantasy, horror, sci-fi or images for children.

Book Covers usually take me no more than 2 weeks and illustrations vary depending on the amount of content. You can also visit my other website for children's illustrations only at:

Please contact me for more info!


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List of Titles I Have Worked On

Spellbound: Book One of The Chronicles of Aronshae

Icebound: Book Two of the Chronicles of Aronshae

Oathbound: Book Three of the Chronicles of Aronshae


Hidden Path

Grandparents....The More the Merrier!

The One-hundred Ways Grandma Killed Me

Willie and the Dog (Willie and his adventures Book 1)

Willie and the Frogs (Books About Willie And His Adventures Book 2)

Willie's Dream (Books About Willie And His Adventures Book 3)

Willie and Bob (Books About Willie And His Adventures Book 4)

A Day with Willie (Books About Willie And His Adventures Book 5)

Willie's Secret (Books About Willie And His Adventures Book 6)

The Secret of the Elves in Helen

Myles and the Fusion Confusion

The Only Puppy

Kittens with mittens Gatitos con guantitos

Sonja's Wish

Defeating Addiction

Dragon Blood

The Plague

Alien Siege

King of the Dead

Hitler's Wolves

And More